• A Look at Common Car Accident Injuries

    Car Accident Attorney in Severn, MD In an auto accident, any part of the body may sustain damage. Even a minor car accident has the potential to cause injuries, and perhaps even chronic pain and other long-term problems. It’s important to keep track of your medical appointments, diagnoses, and symptoms following an accident. Your car accident attorney will need this information when negotiating with the insurance company and filing a claim on your behalf. A car accident attorney near Severn can help you obtain compensation for medical bills, pharmaceutical costs, therapy sessions, and other losses.

    Neck Injuries

    Neck injuries are among the most common types of injuries caused by car accidents. The abrupt motion of a collision can cause soft tissue damage in the neck as the head is jerked forward and backward. This condition is known as whiplash and it’s a common reason for visits to a car accident attorney. The symptoms of whiplash may not arise immediately after a car crash. Within the next couple of days, you may begin to experience neck stiffness, pain, and loss of range of motion. Sometimes, this condition can lead to chronic pain.

    Head Trauma

    A traumatic brain injury (TBI) can lead to serious, life-changing complications. Immediately after the injury, you might experience brief loss of consciousness, confusion, dizziness, nausea, and sensory changes. A TBI may also lead to impaired speech and language, unusual changes in behavior or personality, impairment of cognition, and other complications. These problems can result in significant losses, including medical bills, lost wages, disability, and loss of earning capacity. Your car wreck attorney can help you demand compensation to cover your medical care.

    Spinal Cord Damage

    The spinal cord runs through the spinal canal within the spine. Damage to the sensitive nerves can result in loss of sensation and loss of function, or paralysis. The spinal cord can become damaged in an auto accident if the force of the crash causes ligaments, intervertebral discs, or bone fragments to strike the spinal cord tissue.

  • After a Car Accident

    After a Car Accident

    After a car accident, you’ll likely need the help of an experienced car accident attorney. A car wreck attorney can help you recover maximum compensation for your losses and protect you from liability. However, right after the accident, you’ll need to take immediate action to check yourself and your passengers for injuries, call for emergency responders, and provide the exact location of the accident. Your car accident attorney will also need you to collect critical information from the other driver.

    Watch this short video to hear more about what information you should exchange with the other driver. This collision expert provides a basic overview of handling the aftermath of a crash, such as calling the insurance company and arranging for legal representation from a car accident lawyer near Severn.

  • How Does the Court Determine Custody?

    How Does the Court Determine Custody?

    How Does the Court Determine Custody? in Severn, MD If you’re filing for divorce or you’re separating from your partner and there are children involved, you need legal assistance from an experienced child custody lawyer . Child custody guidelines are highly complex and they vary from state to state; your child custody lawyer can help you understand the legal process of obtaining custody. As your family law attorney can explain to you, there is no set formula the court will use to determine custody. Rather, Maryland courts evaluate the entire nature of the circumstances regarding the care of the child. The court must consider which child custody arrangement will be in the best interests of the child.

    Before child custody is determined, you might prepare for mediation with the help of your child custody lawyer near Severn. Mediation is an attempt to resolve the dispute before a trial in family court. If mediation does not result in a favorable outcome, the judge will make the final decision. After child custody and visitation has been determined, either party may later file a petition in an attempt to change custody. However, to change a custody agreement, the court usually requires that an extraordinary change of circumstances has taken place.

  • Tips for Choosing a Divorce Attorney

    Tips for Choosing a Divorce Attorney Many lawyers specialize in handling family law cases, including those involving divorce. However, not every divorce lawyer may be a good fit for you. Finding the right divorce lawyer serving Severn can take a little investigative work. You should research several lawyers’ backgrounds and credentials, and schedule interviews with a few. During this initial consultation, you can get to know the attorney better, ask questions about his or her approach to legal issues, and determine whether you can work with him or her.

    Request Referrals

    Consider whether you have family members or friends who have gone through a divorce. You can ask them if they would recommend the family law attorney they worked with. However, bear in mind that you should meet the lawyer before making your own decision, even if a particular lawyer is highly recommended. Additionally, you can ask other professionals for referrals, such as family counselors and lawyers who specialize in areas of the law other than family law.

    Prioritize Your Concerns

    Once you’ve assembled a list of family lawyers, it’s time to consider what your priorities are in selecting an attorney. It may be very important to you to find a lawyer who is located nearby or who offers convenient hours that fit around your work schedule. Many people prefer to select a divorce lawyer who offers a flat fee for an uncontested divorce. It may also be important to you that you select a lawyer who maintains clear, open communication and is adept at explaining complex legal issues.

    Meet the Divorce Lawyer

    During your initial consultation with a divorce lawyer, you can ask him or her general questions about the law firm and the lawyer’s approach to resolving legal matters. You should also ask about the lawyer’s background and expertise with divorce matters, and you should discuss your goals for the outcome of your case. After the initial consultation, you’ll likely have a good idea of whether you’re comfortable working with the divorce lawyer.

  • What Not to Do After a Car Accident

    Car Accident Attorney at Law Offices of William C. TrevillianWith millions of car crashes occurring each year, it’s a safe bet that you’ll likely be involved in an accident at some point in your life. Even if you stringently follow the rules of the road, there’s a good chance that you’ll one day cross paths with someone who isn’t quite as diligent. It’s best to know what you should and shouldn’t do after a car crash before the event occurs. If you are involved in a car crash, remember to contact a car accident attorney as soon as possible. You’ll need a car wreck attorney near Severn to protect your legal rights.

    Don’t Panic

    Car accidents are chaotic events and it’s easy to panic afterward. However, remind yourself to take some deep breaths. Staying calm enables you to think logically, which in turn allows you to handle important matters.

    Don’t Leave the Area

    It’s illegal to leave the scene of a car wreck , regardless of its severity. Even if you lightly tapped the bumper of the car ahead of you because its driver suddenly slammed on the brakes, you must pull over and check for injuries. In the event that you do leave the scene, you may soon find yourself looking for a criminal lawyer, rather than working with a car accident attorney on your personal injury complaint.

    Don’t Make an Oral Agreement with the Other Driver

    The other driver may offer to make an oral agreement with you to pay for the damages without involving the police or the insurance companies. Although it may be tempting, this is never a good idea. There is no way for you to know whether the other driver even has insurance. You should always call the police after an accident and then call a car accident attorney for help with your insurance claim.

    Don’t Admit Fault

    While you and the other driver are exchanging information such as full names, contact information, and driver’s license numbers, the other driver may make argumentative statements that imply you were to blame for the crash. Tell the other driver that he or she can discuss the matter with your attorney. Never make any statements that may be misinterpreted as admissions of fault, such as saying that you were speeding and that you’re sorry for the crash. These statements will be used against you later when it’s time to demand compensation for your losses.

  • Understanding Divorce Laws in Maryland

    Understanding Divorce Laws in Maryland If you’ve been considering getting a divorce, you may wish to consult a divorce lawyer serving Severn. Your divorce lawyer can help you understand the applicable Maryland laws, which recognize divorce as the dissolution of a civil contract. Your lawyer can also advise you as to which type of divorce you should seek. Maryland recognizes limited divorces and absolute divorces.

    Types of Divorce

    In Maryland, a limited divorce is a legally recognized separation. In other words, the individuals remain legally married and the court imposes certain rules for the separation. For example, the individuals live in separate residences and are not entitled to sexual relations with each other. In the event that sexual relations occur with another person, it is considered adultery. In addition, neither spouse may remarry while a limited divorce is in effect. A limited divorce may eventually lead to an absolute divorce, which is the dissolution of the marriage. After an absolute divorce, either party may remarry at will. Your divorce lawyer can help you determine whether you should file for an absolute or limited divorce.

    Grounds for Divorce

    If you have grounds for an absolute divorce , your divorce lawyer may recommend this type of filing. Grounds for an absolute divorce can include adultery, desertion, and cruelty. An absolute divorce may also be granted based on a separation of at least 12 months. By obtaining a limited divorce, you can establish a date of legal separation. However, during those 12 months, you cannot engage in sexual relations with your spouse or the absolute divorce may not be granted. If you choose to request a limited divorce, you must also prove certain grounds for divorce, in addition to other requirements such as residency requirements.

    Information in Divorce Decrees

    The information contained within a decree for an absolute divorce includes the determination of child custody, and the establishment of alimony and child support orders. The divorce decree spells out the division of property. If you jointly own property with your ex-spouse, it may be sold and the proceeds distributed between you and your ex-spouse. Likewise, a divorce decree for a limited divorce resolves matters pertaining to child custody, child support, spousal support, property division, possession of property, and health insurance coverage.

  • A Brief History of the Law Offices of William C. Trevillian

    A Brief History of the Law Offices of William C. Trevillian

    Family Attorneys in Severn If you’re looking for an attorney in Severn, you can place your trust in the Law Offices of William C. Trevillian. This family attorney has earned a reputation for exceptional client service and legal representation over more than 25 years of practice in the Baltimore area. William C. Trevillian’s son, William C. Trevillian, Jr. joined the practice a decade ago, and has made it his mission to provide the community with unparalleled commitment to his cases and his clients. When you choose an attorney at this law firm, you’ll also have access to a responsive, caring support staff with extensive legal experience.

    The Law Offices of William C. Trevillian handles cases involving a wide spectrum of legal issues. You can rely on this legal team when you need a child custody lawyer or divorce lawyer. The team’s expertise also extends to estate administration and probate law, in addition to providing aggressive legal defense to those facing criminal charges such as driving under the influence (DUI). Those who are buried in debt might consider scheduling a consultation to discuss whether bankruptcy might be a good choice for them. Our legal team is honored to assist community members find a more stable financial future after bankruptcy.

  • What Is Whiplash?

    What Is Whiplash?

    If you have recently consulted a car accident attorney regarding a personal injury complaint, you may be suffering from whiplash. Whiplash is a very common injury sustained by car accident victims . It’s primarily characterized by pain in the neck region; however, it can also cause symptoms such as headaches and muscle spasms. Tell your Severn personal injury lawyer about all of the symptoms you experience. Additionally, your car accident attorney will need to know about your losses related to whiplash and other injuries you may have sustained. These might include medical bills, for example.

    You can watch this video for more information about whiplash. This expert discusses which bodily structures whiplash affects in the neck, and explains why it can be challenging for a doctor to diagnose and treat the injury. You’ll also learn about some of the types of compensation your car wreck attorney may demand on your behalf.