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Do you have a medical condition or concern that's provoking your thoughts about the future? Do you want your healthcare wants to be fulfilled to your precise expectations? If so, Trevillian Law will help you choose and arrange your Advance Directive. We provide a will planning attorney in Severn, MD, and surrounding areas. We've given clients peace and mind for over 25 years. We aim to empower your decision-making with our professional will and estate planning council.
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What Is an Advanced Directive?

Living wills in Maryland are called Advanced Directives. This planning tool lets you choose a healthcare agent to make medical decisions for you when your doctor determines you are incapacitated or unable to make them yourself. Under your will, your healthcare agent can access and view your medical information, discuss treatments and procedures, and inform doctors about what medical actions should be taken. Their far-reaching powers and capabilities are like those of Medical Power of Attorney agents. You can appoint anyone you want to oversee your Advance Directive.
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Is an Advance Directive Necessary?

We always offer an Advance Directive option in our will and estate planning. Though you can opt out of it, we encourage you to take advantage and choose someone as your healthcare agent. If you have a severe or unpredictable medical condition and the worst happens, your agent will take your place and make the decisions you need and want regarding your health. Advance Directives enable someone you trust to make informed, desired choices if you cannot do so yourself.

Your Healthcare Matters to Us

At Trevillian Law, you're entitled to make the best healthcare decisions for yourself, including who you choose to take over while you're absent. Choosing a suitable candidate to take charge of your Advance Directive is crucial. You need someone you can completely trust to respect, obey, and execute your will. We'll provide strategic guidance, giving you the knowledge to determine the best person to step up when you're no longer capable.

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