Preparing for Divorce – A Checklist

Preparing for Divorce – A Checklist

If your marriage is no longer working and does not appear to be salvageable, it could be time to consult a divorce lawyer. While couples don’t plan on getting divorced when they marry, divorce is a reality of life that affects many people. If you and your spouse have decided that you no longer want to be married. Ahead of your initial...
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Oct. 01, 2016

Understanding Catastrophic Injuries and Car Accident Lawsuits

Moving forward from a car accident is always difficult. The car accident survivor’s health is the top priority, but other obstacles include the damage inflicted on the car and the lost wages the survivor is likely to suffer. When a survivor’s injuries are catastrophic, recovering from a wreck is particularly challenging. If you or a loved one has been diagnosed...
Sep. 24, 2016

Divorce in the News: Johnny Depp and Amber Heard

When the time has come to file for divorce , you might consider having your divorce lawyer in Glen Burnie or Severn try for an out-of-court divorce settlement. That’s exactly what Johnny Depp and Amber Heard did when their marriage ended in scandal. Watch this video to find out the details. This entertainment reporter provides some background on the case....
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Sep. 17, 2016

Are You a Good Candidate for a No-Fault Divorce?

Before you file divorce papers in Glen Burnie or Severn, it’s necessary to consider whether you meet the requirements to file for divorce and to consider which type of divorce you wish to pursue. Maryland divorce law allows couples to file for fault-based or no-fault divorce. Fault-based divorce is only permitted in certain circumstances, such as when one spouse is...
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Aug. 28, 2016

Should You File for Divorce?

Sometimes, the decision to file for divorce comes easily. A spouse may have committed an unforgiveable act of infidelity or perhaps even been incarcerated. There are many fast-developing situations that can prompt the other spouse to consult a divorce lawyer in Glen Burnie or Severn. But in many cases, the decision to file for divorce comes after hours of painstaking consideration...
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Aug. 21, 2016

How DUI Charges Affect CDL Holders?

Drunk driving is a serious criminal offense that is punishable by harsh penalties upon conviction, with good reason. Driving under the influence (DUI) and driving while intoxicated (DWI) causes thousands of deaths and injuries each year in the U.S. Certain drivers may be subject to additional penalties if they are charged with drunk driving, including those who hold commercial driver’s...
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Aug. 14, 2016

What to Do if Your License Is Confiscated During a DUI?

If you are charged with a DUI, it is imperative to contact a DUI lawyer near Severn and Glean Burnie before you speak to the police. Being arrested is scary, and losing your driver’s license can be life-altering. If your driver’s license is confiscated by the police, you and your car accident lawyer have only 10 days to take action....
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Aug. 07, 2016

What Is a Separation Agreement?

If you and your spouse are considering splitting up, you may have considered meeting with divorce lawyers in Severn and Glen Burnie to discuss a legal separation . While a separation agreement is often a precursor to divorce, you may still decide to reconcile after you separate. As your divorce lawyers will explain, a separation agreement does not dissolve a...
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Jul. 24, 2016

Negligence in Car Accident Cases

Have you been hurt in a car accident that was not your fault? If so, contact a car accident lawyer in Glen Burnie and Severn right away. Only car accident lawyers are familiar with state negligence law and understand how the system works. Personal injury law mandates that all drivers on the road exercise a certain standard of care. When drivers are negligent—and that...
Jul. 17, 2016

Talking to the Police After an Arrest

After being arrested, your first step should be to contact a DUI lawyer near Glen Burnie and Severn who also handles DUI and other criminal cases. Only DUI attorneys can help you fight a DUI or more serious criminal charge. As your car accident lawyer will explain, you should never speak to the police without having your car accident lawyers...
Jul. 10, 2016

Dealing With Pet Custody During a Divorce

Divorce lawyers near Glen Burnie and Severn also regularly counsel clients who want to retain ownership of a family pet during a divorce. Pet custody issues can be complicated and require the attention of an experienced divorce lawyer. Deciding to divorce is difficult under any circumstances, which is why you need a divorce lawyer who is experienced handling a wide...