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Divorce affects major changes on your lifestyle and the life of your child. During divorce proceedings, you and your spouse will need to establish a child custody agreement that outlines your rights and responsibilities. At the Law Offices of William Trevillian, P.A., our child custody lawyers near Severn can help you reach a beneficial agreement that provides for the needs of your child following a separation or divorce.

Types of Child Custody in Severn

There are several types of child custody arrangements. During a divorce or separation, factors such as the child’s current lifestyle, his relationship with his parents, and the parents’ and child’s wishes may be taken into account when determining child custody in Severn.

  1. Sole custody grants a single parent complete custody of the child, including the right to make all major decisions for the child without the other parent’s approval. The noncustodial parent may retain visitation rights, which include overnight and vacation visits, unless there is a criminal reason for the court to deny such rights.
  2. Joint legal custody grants both parents equal rights when making important decisions regarding a child’s schooling, medical care, and other lifestyle factors. However, one parent retains physical custody of the child, while the other receives visitation rights. The majority of joint legal custody agreements state that parents should seek the services of a mediator if agreement cannot be reached regarding decisions.
  3. Joint physical custody allows both parents to spend time with the child. Time allowances may or may not be equal and arrangements are often flexible to prevent upsetting the child’s lifestyle.

Understanding Child Support and Its Enforcement in Severn

Child support consists of court-ordered payments following a divorce. These payments ensure that any minor children are supported financially by both parents, regardless of custody. Child support typically pays for educational and medical expenses, as well as clothing and other essential and even luxury items for the child. The noncustodial parent is responsible for child support payments, as the custodial parent provides directly for the child in terms of financial and other support. Federal law declares it illegal to willfully refuse to make child support payments under certain circumstances. Custodial parents have the right to seek legal child support enforcement solutions if support payments are not made as mandated by the court during separation, divorce, or other child support negotiations.

Child custody and child support arrangements can be difficult to modify after they have been established, which is why it’s important to ensure you’re satisfied with the agreement before it is finalized. You can reach the Law Offices of William Trevillian, P.A. by calling (410) 761-2430 for child custody help and child support enforcement from a custody lawyer near Severn today.

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