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Local Estate Planning Attorney in Severn, MD

Trevillian Law is a trusted law firm that provides a family law, personal injury, and estate planning attorney in Severn, MD, and surrounding areas. We've been a proud local law firm serving our communities for over 25 years. We specialize in custody cases, domestic assault cases, car and motor vehicle accidents, and will and trust planning. Our mission is to guide our clients in their time of need and help them create a better future for themselves.
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About Trevillian Law

Our practice was founded by attorney William C. Trevillian, Sr. In 1993. In 2004, William C. Trevillian, Jr. joined the firm, using his education and compassion to fight for clients alongside his father. In 2014 Rebecca Trevillian joined the firm specializing in family law matters. They've built and maintained sterling reputations as accomplished, passionate lawyers and caring citizens of Maryland. Natives of South Glen Burnie, both attorneys have strong bonds with community members and law enforcement personnel throughout the Greater Baltimore and South Baltimore areas.
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Our Specialties

Whether you want to improve your current situation or ensure your family's security, we're here for you. We practice and earn favorable results for our clients in the following fields:

Wills & Estate Planning

Preparing clients with Advance Directives, trusts, Power of Attorney, and executor and beneficiary choices to protect their loved ones during their life and after they pass away.

Family Law

Specializing in protecting spouses and children in cases involving divorce, custody battles, marital property disputes, protective orders, uncontested divorces, and more. We provide comfort and a path forward.

Personal Injury

Helping clients recover their health and livelihood after slip-and-fall accidents, workplace accidents, construction accidents, car accidents, big rig accidents, and motorcycle accidents.
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Your Trusted Maryland Law Experts

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  • Lawyers born and raised in the area with close ties to their community.
  • Vast knowledge of and years of experience dealing with local judges and prosecutors.
  • A seasoned support staff with training and experience handling cases and serving clients.
  • Flexible office hours and free consultations for every client.
  • A warm, compassionate atmosphere where clients are genuinely seen and heard.

Protectors During Your Time of Need

Whether you are fighting against your spouse in a custody battle charge or want to settle your financial affairs before you pass, the team at Trevillian Law has the expertise, resources, and empathy to serve you. During our years of service, we've helped clients in all areas of the law. We've defended those facing danger from their spouse and facing accusations of domestic abuse. Regardless of your circumstances, we aim to proceed with your case fairly and honestly and get you the results you need.

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