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Parenting Coordination After A Divorce

A parenting coordinator in Severn, Maryland, can help you and your ex as you consider your legal options during a divorce. They can help resolve disputes, set up custody schedules, devise a parenting plan, improve communication between co-parents and much more. This is a complicated time, but using parenting coordination is one way to put the children first and focus on a positive future.

At Trevillian Law, we have decades of combined experience, as the firm started in 1993. We use this vast experience and our deep understanding of Maryland divorce laws to help parents work through this process smoothly. When parents are interested in family law mediation, rather than litigation, it can help to have a third party who guides the process, explores all legal options, helps facilitate effective communication and more. Call us today if you’ve been looking for a parenting coordination attorney.

What Are The Benefits Of Parenting Coordination In Maryland?

One benefit of working with a parenting coordinator is that they can monitor the situation and offer suggestions or recommendations that parents may not have thought of on their own. A coordinator can also help if parents struggle to work together and make decisions due to their own relationship dynamics. The coordinator really helps put the children first.

What Does A Parenting Coordinator Cost?

The cost can differ from case to case, depending on the coordinator and the needs of that case. For instance, parents can choose a coordinator if they want, but they can also have one assigned by the court. If the court does make this decision, the parents have to sign paperwork authorizing it, and this paperwork should directly state what they need to pay.

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If you are interested in hiring an experienced parenting coordination lawyer, just give us a call to schedule your initial consultation. We provide a trustworthy experience, and we fight for optimal results throughout every step of the process. Contact us via email or just call 410-609-9987 now.