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Compassionate Family Law Attorneys In Severn, Maryland

Our family law attorneys at Trevillian Law serve families in Severn and the surrounding areas, handling their cases with delicacy and diligence. Communication is one of our team’s top priorities, and our lawyers will take the time to listen to your concerns, worries and particular circumstances.

Our team of experienced, attentive attorneys will diligently advocate for the rights, freedoms and safety of you and your child, no matter what area of family law is causing you concern.

Divorce, Custody And Other Practice Areas

Since our founding in 1993, we’ve been focused on helping spouses and children through their family law challenges. Our family law services encompass the following:

Our lawyers are grateful for their many opportunities to make a difference for families and individuals in our community.

Why Choosing The Right Attorney Matters

Cases involving families are unique because of the high emotions and feelings that they evoke as well as the number of individuals whom they affect, including children. Many of them are filled with sadness, anger and resentment. If you are facing a familial legal matter, then you likely have many conflicted and complex thoughts and feelings.

A well-chosen family law attorney will stay grounded and professional during your time of strife. Our lawyers take a sensible, clear-headed approach to their practice, giving families peace of mind in their times of need.

Essential Tips In Family Law

Many people make rash decisions during family law cases, which they often later regret, especially when they don’t have attorneys to help them.

Our lawyers encourage you to do the following to help ensure rewarding results:

Have your attorney present: Never sign legal documents without your attorney present. Unfortunately, our lawyers have seen situations in which people unknowingly waived their rights by signing papers without attorneys protecting them.

Keep information private: Always remember that your spouse’s attorney does not represent you. Block that lawyer’s attempts to reach you and guard your personal attorney-client relationship.

Consult your attorney on everything: Ask your lawyer for guidance even if your divorce is uncontested. They will know things about family law that you might not consider.

Frequently Asked Questions

At Trevillian Law, our team provides customized answers to potential and existing clients in response to questions such as those below.

Do I need to hire an attorney when confronting family law issues?

A better question might be, “How high are the stakes?” Granted, some people file for divorce or attempt to get child support amounts changed on their own. But, many make irreversible mistakes when taking on such actions without legal advice.

Our lawyers believe that anything to do with your children or your lifelong financial security is a worthy investment. Just as you see a dentist when you need a tooth pulled or call a plumber when water is leaking inside your walls, it makes sense to get an attorney’s counsel before interacting with a family court.

How do protective orders work?

Protective orders are used by the courts to mitigate threats of domestic violence and protect the vulnerable. Here’s how protective orders work:

  • A party is removed from the household.
  • The petitioner is given exclusive possession of the home and property.
  • The petitioner assumes full custody of the children.
  • No contact and stay away orders are placed against the removed party.
  • The partitioner receives monetary support through wage garnishment.

If you are the victim of domestic abuse, you may become a petitioner and get protective orders against your spouse for up to a year.

What is an uncontested divorce?

In an uncontested divorce, either both spouses agree on all terms and conditions or one spouse fails to respond to the divorce filing or attend court dates. In Maryland law, this is also known as “an absolute divorce on the grounds of mutual consent.”

If you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse are agreeable and have resolved your issues, then an uncontested divorce may be right for you. Our lawyers make the divorce process as convenient and worry-free as possible by handling all the paperwork. You can usually expect to receive your divorce decree between 60 and 75 days or sooner if your spouse files and responds quickly.

Reach Out To Us For A Professional, Grounded, Caring Legal Approach

Family legal matters can have devastating consequences for all involved. It is important to be able to move forward successfully after times of marital or family strife.  At Trevillian Law, our attorneys have more than 85 collective years of experience helping families resolve their legal disputes through negotiations, mediation sessions and/or litigation.

Clients choose us for our calm, collected, professional lawyers and their aim to achieve optimal results. Call us at 410-609-9987 or email us to start the essential dialogue with a family law attorney on your side.