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Maryland Attorneys Equipped For Challenging Personal Injury Claims

If you’ve been injured in an accident, the last thing you want to do is think about an ensuing court battle. Instead, you want to focus on your own health and spending time with your family. However, court proceedings can be instrumental in getting you the compensation you need. Hospital bills, lost income, and pain and suffering can wreak havoc on your finances. Qualified legal counsel can be as important for your recovery as top-notch medical care.

After suffering an accidental injury, you need an experienced personal injury attorney to help you build a strong case against any negligent parties. At Trevillian Law, we offer aggressive legal representation on behalf of individuals who have been injured in accidents of many varieties.

Types Of Accidents And Injuries That Our Caseload Includes

Our lawyers regularly work with clients who have been injured in the following types of accidents and more:

  • Auto accidents: From a one-car accident to a multivehicle crash, our attorneys will be ready to begin an investigation right away aimed at protecting your right to all compensation you are eligible for.
  • 18-wheeler and other truck accidents: Our truck accident clients have typically been injured after their cars, motorcycles or bicycles collided with big rigs and other commercial vehicles, but our team also assists injured truck drivers and occupants.
  • Motorcycle crashes: Severe injuries and limited insurance coverage are often factors in motorcycle crashes. Our lawyers work around these and other complex issues as they pursue maximum compensation for our injured biker clients or people struck by motorcycles.
  • Pedestrian and bicycle accidents: When an injured person’s body is not protected by the body of a car or truck, injuries are often extra serious. Our team takes hit-and-run accident cases and often discovers sources of compensation for our clients.
  • Slip-and-falls: To increase your likelihood of obtaining compensation after a fall injury, ask our premises liability lawyers to begin an investigation right away.
  • Dog bites and other animal attacks: A dog’s owner or a property owner may be responsible for compensating someone injured by a dog, horse or another type of pet or wild animal.
  • Workplace accidents: Our attorneys assist people injured at construction sites with workers’ compensation claims and, when applicable, other related personal injury cases, such as third-party liability claims.

We provide representation to people with serious injuries, such as:

  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), regardless of whether the injured lost consciousness
  • Neck and back injuries, including herniated disks and neck injuries described as whiplash
  • Spinal cord injuries resulting in paralysis, such as paraplegia and quadriplegia
  • Burn injuries

We welcome your inquiry after either you have been hurt or a loved one has lost their life in any accident or act of violence.

Legal Representation After A Car Accident

Most people are good drivers, taking care to drive safely on behalf of their passengers and other drivers on the road. However, car accidents are a real danger for everyone on the roadway. In most cases, safe drivers can avoid accidents. But, when others become negligent while driving, they can harm you and your passengers.

Car accidents can result in a wide range of injuries and – in worst-case scenarios – death. If the accident wasn’t your fault, then you might have a case against the negligent party. Reckless driving, distracted driving and improper maintenance are all reasons why you may be able to build a case.

Get Compensated For A Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle accidents, unfortunately, are commonplace. Some drivers aren’t careful around motorcycles, and that lack of attention can result in a tragic accident. Motorcycle accidents are regularly caused by factors such as driver errors, drunk driving and distractions on the roadway.

If you believe you can prove your accident was the result of another’s negligence, then our team wants to consult with you. Our experienced personal injury lawyers may be able to help you secure funds for the costs associated with hospital stays, property damage and lost income.

You Can File A Claim Against A Construction Company

Accidents happen at construction sites all the time. Fortunately, most of these aren’t fatal and only require a bandage or a short hospital visit. However, when construction firms don’t take the proper precautions, their employees can suffer.

If you were severely injured in a construction accident, then you might have a case for compensation in addition to your workers’ compensation claim. Falls, falling objects, fires and equipment malfunctions can all indicate negligence on the part of construction firms or other entities doing business with them. Our lawyers work with injured people as well as families looking for justice for their loved ones who have died or been severely injured.

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