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Turn To Our Trusted Estate Planning Lawyers For Guidance On Wills, Trusts And More

At Trevillian Law, you have access to experienced estate planning attorneys as well as all related services. From our office in Severn, our lawyers work with clients throughout the surrounding areas to help them choose the right paths for their futures.

For over 30 years, we have been providing legal guidance to countless individuals and families. Our attorneys help them create and administer wills and trusts, developing, executing and generating optimal results. Our team includes accomplished, passionate and results-focused professionals who’ve helped many clients avoid the probate process. Our legal counsel will account for your needs and wants and will work to ensure that your finances and assets get into the right hands.

Understanding Your Estate Plan

Estate plans protect you, your family, legacy, finances and assets before and after you pass away. During planning, you will learn how to specify who will receive your assets and financial benefits after you die and who should oversee your estate at that time. You can also name one or more powers of attorney – people who would take care of your health care decisions and/or your financial assets in the event of your incapacitation.

The plan includes your wishes for your estate. During this phase, you’ll select the person or persons you want to have in charge of ensuring that your wishes and demands are met. Some of these choices are simple for clients, but they can be difficult for others.

Our Severn Attorneys Will Help You Choose And Prepare The Estate Documents You Need

Our team can advise you on what types of estate documents you will need to accomplish your final wishes. These documents may include:

Our lawyers are confident that, in an in-depth initial consultation, they can give you enough information to enable you to choose which documents you need. They can get started crafting those for you without delay and ensure that you understand how they will work upon your death or incapacitation.

About Trusts

A legal trust is a document specifying how a person’s financial assets will be distributed and managed after their death. It designates a trustee to oversee these assets and ensures that they are distributed correctly. Trusts offer asset protection, avoid probate and can have tax benefits. There are three primary types of trusts: Revocable living trusts, testamentary trusts created in a will and special needs trusts for individuals with medical needs.

Choosing the right trust involves considering asset protection, trustee reliability, family dynamics, desired privacy and the option to make changes during one’s lifetime. At Trevillian Law, we have provided tailored trusts to meet individual needs for over three decades, and our lawyers are ready to help you create trusts that are just right for your purposes.

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