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Spousal Support Attorneys You Can Trust

At Trevillian Law, our Maryland lawyers are dedicated to providing reliable legal representation and guidance to individuals going through divorce or separation in Severn and its surrounding areas.

With a three-decade history in the community, our spousal support attorneys understand the ins and outs of Maryland’s alimony law. Whether you expect to pay or receive spousal support, they will be committed to protecting your rights.

What Is Spousal Support?

Spousal support, also known as alimony, refers to court-ordered payments made by one spouse to the other following a divorce or separation. The primary objective of spousal support is to ensure that the lower-earning spouse can maintain a reasonable standard of living post-divorce.

The specifics of spousal support, including the amount and duration of payments, vary depending on various factors such as the duration of the marriage, each spouse’s earning potential and the standard of living during the marriage.

Types Of Alimony In Maryland

Our lawyers are available to advise you on any form of alimony that may apply in your case, including the following three outlined in Maryland’s laws:

  1. Alimony pendente lite (temporary alimony): Awarded during divorce proceedings to address immediate financial needs
  2. Indefinite alimony: Granted long term to a spouse for life post-divorce when financial independence is unlikely
  3. Rehabilitative alimony: Temporary support aimed at assisting the supported spouse in gaining the necessary education, training or employment to achieve financial independence

Alimony modifications are also possible. Under the Code of Maryland, Family Law §8-103, courts possess the authority to modify spousal support arrangements. Our experienced Maryland alimony attorneys can assist in seeking modifications to existing payment agreements, ensuring that they remain fair and equitable.

Spousal Support Guidelines

Although legal justification for spousal support is not normally mandatory, judges in Maryland may reference extrajudicial guidelines to determine appropriate spousal support levels. For instance, in the case of Boemio v. Boemio, the Maryland Court of Appeals sanctioned the use of American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (AAML) principles as a reference for determining alimony amounts.

Consulting with a Maryland spousal support lawyer familiar with these guidelines can provide you with valuable insights. Our lawyers have more than 85 combined years of experience. You can entrust your case to them with confidence.

Let’s Talk Over Your Concerns About Spousal Support Or Alimony

If you are navigating divorce or separation concerns related to spousal support, our team at Trevillian Law is here to support you. For example, our attorneys can help you determine the tax implications of spousal support versus some forms of property division to help you decide what position you wish to take in negotiations, divorce mediation or litigation leading to a trial.

Whether you are seeking spousal support or facing concerns about making payments, our team offers the legal guidance and representation needed to protect your interests and rights. Email us today or call 410-609-9987 to schedule a consultation and discuss your spousal support needs with our experienced attorneys.