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Convenient, Effective Family Law Mediation In Severn

Choosing family law mediation in Severn and the surrounding areas is among the easiest, most cost-effective ways to resolve familial legal disputes. Trevillian Law is a family law firm providing mediation services for families of all backgrounds and legal circumstances.

We’ve been a source of trustworthy counsel for families and children for more than 30 years. Our team places a priority on providing services with the utmost professionalism and attention. Our attorneys hope to lead everyone involved in family law disputes to favorable results so they can move on with their lives and look forward to brighter futures.

Meet Our Mediator

Rebecca S. Trevillian

Rebecca Trevillian, Esq. has been a court certified family law mediator for more then 10 years and a family law attorney for 20 years. She sits on the approved list of Court Mediators, Parenting Coordinators, Best Interest Attorneys for children for Anne Arundel County, Baltimore County, and Howard County. Her extensive experience in these areas has helped her to successfully meditate many family law disputes saving parties time and resources.

Defining Family Law Mediation

Family law mediation is a form of dispute resolution facilitated to minimize or avoid court involvement. Our attorneys recommend this method for many of our clients who hope to save time, money and anxiety while resolving their divorces, child custody arrangements and modifications.

During resolution sessions, two parties meet with a court-approved family law attorney who serves as their mediator. The mediator’s duty is to encourage and promote productive discussion between the two parties, help them reconcile their differences, and reach mutually beneficial conclusions for themselves and their children. At Trevillian Law, our lawyers advise our clients for whom mediation is a good choice. Trevillian Law also provides mediator services for people seeking efficient paths to the resolution of family law cases.

Frequently Asked Questions About Family Law Mediation

Mediation saves families time and money and can occur before or during a court trial. For personalized answers to questions of your own, please get in touch with us. Our lawyers are here and are available to provide valuable insights.

How does the mediation process work?

Mediation promotes reasonable discussion and problem-solving between families involved in legal disputes. The process involves three easy steps toward reaching amicable outcomes. These are as follows:

  1. Scheduling sessions: The attorneys representing the involved parties schedule one session and, if needed, a second session – each lasting approximately two hours.
  2. Drafting an agreement: The mediator drafts a written legal document detailing the agreement terms when the parties reach their solutions.
  3. Reviewing outcomes: The parties’ attorneys carefully review the agreement’s terms and conditions, ensuring that all involved are prepared to move forward.

Disputing families often choose mediation as their preferred method for resolving custody, visitation and property issues. Below, our team has answered questions that many new and potential clients bring to their attention.

How effective is family law mediation?

Studies on mediation have shown it to be highly effective for both parties involved in a dispute. More than 70% of families who choose this method successfully reach full or partial agreements. In fact, mediation is so beneficial that the courts encourage and order it to occur during almost all custody, visitation and marital property cases in the state.

What does mediation cost?

The typical hourly fee for a family law mediation is $300. Rarely do costs exceed this price. Both parties agree to pay the mediator’s fee. The entire process usually takes six hours or less, so you can anticipate a total of $600 and $1,800 split between you and the other party. Though mediation is cheaper than going to court, our lawyers advise speaking directly with your legal counsel to determine the precise cost of getting a mediator and the factors that may alter your pricing.

The bottom line is this: Family Law Mediation saves both families and the Maryland legal system thousands of dollars yearly and almost always leads to better outcomes.

Take Advantage Of Confidentiality For Peace Of Mind

Confidentiality is among the best advantages of mediating your family dispute. Both you and the opposing party must sign an agreement prohibiting either of you or the mediator from using the collected information in court. Further, the mediator cannot be called as a witness if your family issue proceeds to trial.

As family law attorneys at Trevillian Law are also court-approved mediators, they will fight for your right to privacy and help you solve your legal matter peacefully. Schedule a free consultation to discuss family law mediation for your divorce or custody dispute via emailing us or calling 410-609-9987.