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Tips for Talking to Your Kids About Your Divorce

| Mar 8, 2024 | Divorce, Family Law

When children are involved, divorce can be much more difficult. Before discussing the divorce with your kids, talk to your divorce lawyers and learn more about family law near Glen Burnie. It may be wise to establish the framework of a custody agreement , if possible, before telling the kids about the divorce. Children tend to worry about the unknown. If you can inform them of where they’ll be living and going to school, and that they’ll see the other parent regularly, they may be able to adjust to the situation more easily.

For more child custody help, talk to your divorce lawyers and watch this brief video. It reminds parents that family law is geared toward protecting the children’s best interests. Even if the divorce is contentious, it’s important to never disparage the other parent in front of the kids. Remind your kids frequently that both parents love them and that the divorce is not the fault of the children.