• What to Do if Your License Is Confiscated During a DUI?

    If you are charged with a DUI , it is imperative to contact a DUI lawyer near Severn and Glean Burnie before you speak to the police. Being arrested is scary, and losing your driver’s license can be life-altering.

    If your driver’s license is confiscated by the police, you and your car accident lawyer have only 10 days to take action. If you fail to contact car accident lawyers and pursue the matter, you can completely lose your driving privileges. While you will receive a paper temporary license, that license will be suspended unless you request a hearing or qualify for the interlock. As your accident attorney will explain, failure to request a hearing within 10 days of being issued your temporary license means that you will not get an extension of your paper license to carry you through to the hearing date. However, you and your car accident lawyer can request that you be allowed to drive to work even while your license is suspended, as long as you file the proper documentation with the court. Only your car accident lawyers can determine if you qualify for this exception.

    What to Do if Your License Is Confiscated During a DUI

  • What Is a Living Will?

    Learn about a Living Will An estate planning attorney near Glen Burnie can draft important legal documents, including living wills. A living will is also known as an advance care directive or a directive to physicians. As your car accident lawyer can explain to you, this document ensures that your healthcare preferences will be honored. This document goes into effect in the event that you fall into a coma or otherwise become incapacitated. To draft a living will, your car accident lawyer will ask you some questions about your healthcare preferences, such as what type of life support you wish to sustain you, if any. Many people instruct car accident lawyers to specify that palliative care be administered whenever necessary, but that lifesaving measures are avoided in certain circumstances. Palliative care is intended to ease discomfort.

    It’s common for an estate planning attorney to draft a document known as durable power of attorney at the same time as a living will. This document designates a specific person to serve as your healthcare proxy. In other words, this person is responsible for making end-of-life medical decisions in accordance with the preferences stated in your living will.