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What Should You Do After a Motorcycle Accident?

| Mar 8, 2024 | Motorcycle Accidents, Personal Injury

Motorcycles can be dangerous , and motorcycle accidents near Severn often result in serious personal injuries. If you are injured in a motorcycle accident, seek immediate medical care and contact an experienced accident attorney.

If it is safe to do so, you should collect all contact and insurance information from the other driver. Be sure to write down the make, model, and license plate number of his or her vehicle. Car accident lawyers also advise victims of motorcycle accidents to take pictures of the scene, if possible. That way, you will have accurate documentation of what happened, and your attorney can use the photos in court. Additionally, make sure to write down any names and phone numbers of witnesses on the scene. Finally, keep records of all expenses that result from the accident, including rental charges for another car, medical visits and medications, and repairs.