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What Issues Should You Discuss With Your Divorce Attorney?

| Mar 8, 2024 | Divorce, Family Law

There are many matters to resolve during divorce proceedings. The primary issues often involve custody of minor children, support, and property division. Family court lawyers in Glen Burnie can help you evaluate these issues and advise you as to how family law may apply to your particular situation. Before you meet with divorce lawyers, write a list of your questions and concerns. You should also bring along any relevant documents the divorce lawyers will need, such as a copy of your prenuptial agreement and a list of your assets.

Child Custody

In most cases, Maryland parents are encouraged to try mediation. A successful outcome in mediation requires a commitment on behalf of both parties to work collaboratively for the best interests of the children. When you consult your divorce lawyer, you should discuss your goals for the child custody arrangement. In some cases in which child custody and visitation are contested, the judge may order a custody evaluation. You should talk with your divorce lawyer about how you can prepare for the evaluation and what you can expect.

Child and Spousal Support

Both parents are expected to provide for the children’s material needs. You may wish to talk to your divorce lawyer about how much child support you might expect to receive if you are the custodial parent or how much you might have to pay if you are the noncustodial parent. In the event that there is a significant change of circumstance after the original support order was established, you can consult your lawyer again to request a modification. Another issue to discuss with your attorney is spousal support. In Maryland, you can only request alimony before a divorce is finalized. The family court system in Maryland usually awards alimony for only a limited time.

Asset and Liability Division

Your divorce lawyers will need to review a list of your assets and liabilities. Be sure to tell the attorney if there is any particular property that is most important for you to maintain ownership of.

Special Circumstances

Depending on your situation, you may need to discuss other issues with your lawyer. Tell him or her if domestic violence, child abuse, substance abuse, or adultery were factors in the divorce.