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Examining the Long-Lasting Impacts of Car Accident Injuries

| Mar 8, 2024 | Car Accidents, Personal Injury

Car accident lawyers in Severn can help victims deal with the short-term and long-term consequences of accident injuries. On a short-term basis, a car crash can cause loss of wages, property damage, medical diagnostic fees, and treatment expenses. While these are serious problems, the long-term consequences cannot be overlooked. Car accident lawyers often work with clients who suffer from chronic pain, scars or disfigurement, and psychiatric injuries caused by auto and motorcycle accidents.

Psychiatric Complications

Since the physical injuries caused by car accidents are often easily identifiable, the mental and emotional injuries are sometimes overlooked. Psychiatric complications can take many forms and they can occur regardless of whether the physical injuries were serious or not. Sometimes, an accident attorney can secure compensatory damages for a client’s mental anguish or emotional trauma. Victims of car accidents may be diagnosed with anxiety disorders and depression. They may suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and they may even be diagnosed with phobias. For example, a victim of a serious car accident may no longer be able to get behind the wheel of a car without suffering from paralyzing fear. Some individuals may experience anxiety when traveling in the same area as the accident. Others may be fearful to drive in the same weather conditions as were present at the time of the crash. These psychiatric complications can significantly reduce a person’s quality of life and inhibit his or her ability to carry out day-to-day functions.

Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is a major concern for car crash victims. Even minor physical injuries, such as mild whiplash, can result in pain that persists for three months or longer. Typically, chronic pain persists despite the full healing of the original injury. As a result, car accident victims may need to be on powerful pain medications on a long-term basis.

Scars and Disfigurement

Scars and disfigurement are other examples of the long-term consequences of a car crash. Significant external scarring or disfigurement may result in functional impairment as well as cosmetic problems. Functional impairment can also occur when scar tissue develops within the body as a response to the physical injury. In cases in which an accident resulted in significant, permanent damage, a car accident lawyer may sue for substantial compensation.