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As a father, you want what’s best for your child. The Law Offices of William Trevillian, P.A. have trusted paternity attorneys in Severn, MD. Our lawyers are experts in Maryland paternity laws and family laws. Our divorce attorneys can defend your father’s rights and assist you in child custody cases. We advocate for you throughout all phases of the divorce process, including negotiations and court appearances. Establishing parentage is often a critical aspect of paternity cases. Paternity cases often involve confirming or determining the biological father of a minor child if the parents were not married or domestic partners when the child was born. Even if parentage is established, there are still legal hoops to jump through to get rights and responsibilities regarding your children. Allow our lawyers to assist in all your paternity needs. Get in touch with us today for your free consultation.

What is Paternity Law?

There are many benefits of establishing your child’s paternity in Maryland. Paternity law is not uncommon and is used to establish whether certain rights and responsibilities are available to the father of a child or children. Establishing paternity can assist with allowing you to have child custody or visitation rights. Establishing paternity can allow the father to spend time with his child, make important decisions about education, medical care, and more for their child, access medical and school information about their child, and object to the legal adoption of the child. Paternity law can also provide benefits to the child, including:

  • Child support
  • State and federal benefits, including VA benefits or Social Security
  • Inheritance rights
  • Employment-based health insurance benefits
  • Information about family medical history
  • Life insurance benefit eligibility

Why You Need a Paternity Lawyer?

You may think you can handle a paternity case on your own without a lawyer, but that’s rarely the right thing to do. There’s a lot at stake when it comes to you and your child, so it makes sense to have an experienced lawyer on your side. Learn more about some important reasons why you should work with a paternity lawyer:

  • Proper Documentation – You need a paternity lawyer when filing a proper paternity action. The judge hearing your case needs all the proper documentation. Our paternity attorneys have years of experience with providing all necessary documentation to make a strong case.
  • Upholding Your Rights – A divorce can be challenging for your family, but a paternity lawyer can help uphold your rights. Communication in a divorce tends to be confrontational. Your paternity lawyer will act as the communication point and provide a strong voice.
  • Ensuring Fairness – Many variables are involved in determining parental responsibility, and a paternity lawyer can ensure fairness in this process. The judge decides which parent holds the primary responsibility for your child, and that parent has the decision-making power in multiple areas, including education, medical care, and more.
  • Timesharing – A key issue your paternity lawyer can assist with is determining timesharing. Our attorneys will ensure fairness in the process so you will receive proper timesharing if you do not have primary custody. An experienced family law attorney will present your case to give you a better chance of establishing custody and timesharing.
  • Advocating for Child Support – A paternity attorney will assist with ensuring fairness is present in parental responsibility as well as child support. Your lawyer will advocate for you during the process, ensuring that the determination of funds you owe or receive will be lawful and fair.
  • Assisting with Paternity Order Modification – Sometimes, there are substantial changes in your circumstances, and a modification to the original paternity order must be made. This request needs to be written properly, and our attorneys have experience in doing so to receive the optimum outcome.
  • Navigating Family Law Cases – Family law is complex, and a paternity lawyer will help you ensure your father’s rights are being upheld. Our lawyers will ensure that judges are presented with thorough and accurate information in determining your case.

Uncontested Divorce Attorneys

Our attorneys are here to assist you with uncontested divorce cases in Severn. When both spouses agree that divorce and separation is the best scenario and wish to settle their issues, a Marital Settlement Agreement is recommended. Decisions can be made related to property, alimony, custody, division of retirement assets, and more. Our paternity attorneys can draw up these documents for you and answer any questions you might have about the process.

Assisting with Custody & Visitation Issues

Custody often tends to be a very contentious issue, but our paternity attorneys are here to assist you through the process. The factors the court follows in determining who has legal and physical custody of the children can be quite confusing without a family law lawyer on your side. We can assist you throughout the custody process and fight for the best interests of your child.

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