• What Happens to Joint Debt During a Divorce?

    During a divorce, property division is often a point of contention. But did you know that under family law, marital debts can also be divided? Even if you pay your share of the credit card debt, for example, you may still be held liable if your ex-spouse defaults on his or her debt payments. Contact a divorce lawyer in Glen Burnie to learn how your ex-spouse’s debt may affect your financial health. Divorce lawyers often recommend that their clients include an indemnification clause in the divorce decree to protect them in the event of default.

    To learn more about indemnification clauses, watch this video or consult your divorce lawyers. This video explains why your family law attorney may advise you to close all of your joint accounts before getting divorced or to request that creditors freeze the joint accounts.

  • A Look at Alimony Law in Maryland

    A Look at Alimony Law in Maryland Family law in Glen Burnie allows soon-to-be ex-spouses to seek alimony awards. Alimony, which is also known as spousal support, is not the same as child support. A spouse may be ordered to pay both child support and spousal support. Alimony is intended to support the standard of living of the spouse with lesser income. Divorce lawyers can answer any questions you may have about alimony and other aspects of family law.

    When does the Court Award Alimony?

    Each request for alimony is considered on a case-by-case basis. The court will consider a multitude of factors when deciding whether or not to award alimony . Some of the factors the court may consider include the ages of the parties, standard of living during the marriage, duration of the marriage, circumstances that led to the divorce, the financial needs of both parties, and the financial resources of both parties.

    How Long Are Alimony Payments Made?

    This depends on the specific alimony order. The court may award alimony pendente lite, which is paid only from the time that the divorce is filed and alimony is ordered to the time that the divorce is finalized. Rehabilitative alimony is paid after the divorce is finalized, usually for a set time period such as three to 10 years. Indefinite alimony is less commonly awarded. As the term suggests, there is no established end point for indefinite alimony.

    Is Alimony Modifiable?

    Yes, either party can have divorce lawyers file a petition to modify alimony. For example, a divorce lawyer may argue that alimony should end prematurely, given circumstances such as the remarriage of the party who receives alimony. However, the court is not legally allowed to modify an alimony award in which both spouses entered into an agreement that disallows court-ordered modifications.

    How Is Alimony Enforced?

    If your ex-spouse fails to make alimony payments, you can turn to your divorce lawyer for guidance. In some cases, the court may hold the spouse in contempt for failure to pay alimony.

  • Examining the Long-Lasting Impacts of Car Accident Injuries

    Impacts of Car Accident Injuries in Severn, MD Car accident lawyers in Severn can help victims deal with the short-term and long-term consequences of accident injuries. On a short-term basis, a car crash can cause loss of wages, property damage, medical diagnostic fees, and treatment expenses. While these are serious problems, the long-term consequences cannot be overlooked. Car accident lawyers often work with clients who suffer from chronic pain, scars or disfigurement, and psychiatric injuries caused by auto and motorcycle accidents.

    Psychiatric Complications

    Since the physical injuries caused by car accidents are often easily identifiable, the mental and emotional injuries are sometimes overlooked. Psychiatric complications can take many forms and they can occur regardless of whether the physical injuries were serious or not. Sometimes, an accident attorney can secure compensatory damages for a client’s mental anguish or emotional trauma . Victims of car accidents may be diagnosed with anxiety disorders and depression. They may suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and they may even be diagnosed with phobias. For example, a victim of a serious car accident may no longer be able to get behind the wheel of a car without suffering from paralyzing fear. Some individuals may experience anxiety when traveling in the same area as the accident. Others may be fearful to drive in the same weather conditions as were present at the time of the crash. These psychiatric complications can significantly reduce a person’s quality of life and inhibit his or her ability to carry out day-to-day functions.

    Chronic Pain

    Chronic pain is a major concern for car crash victims. Even minor physical injuries, such as mild whiplash, can result in pain that persists for three months or longer. Typically, chronic pain persists despite the full healing of the original injury. As a result, car accident victims may need to be on powerful pain medications on a long-term basis.

    Scars and Disfigurement

    Scars and disfigurement are other examples of the long-term consequences of a car crash. Significant external scarring or disfigurement may result in functional impairment as well as cosmetic problems. Functional impairment can also occur when scar tissue develops within the body as a response to the physical injury. In cases in which an accident resulted in significant, permanent damage, a car accident lawyer may sue for substantial compensation.

  • What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney?

    What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney? When facing criminal charges, it’s always a wise decision to hire a car accident lawyer, regardless of whether the charges are misdemeanors or felonies . A car accident lawyer near Severn has in-depth knowledge and extensive experience with the court system. He or she will ensure that all the necessary paperwork is filled out correctly and submitted on time. Your car accident lawyer will evaluate the evidence against you and identify weak points that can be challenged in court. In some cases, car accident lawyers can get the charges dropped or negotiate for lesser penalties.

    Another benefit of hiring an accident attorney is that he or she will uphold your legal rights. Your attorney will help you understand what to expect from the legal system. He or she will prepare you for your court appearances, answer all of your questions, provide legal guidance, and represent you in court. Since a criminal conviction can lead to long-term consequences, such as difficulty obtaining employment, it’s in your best interests to contact an attorney promptly.

  • Suing an Insurance Company After an Accident

    If you suffer damages as a result of an auto accident, you should consult a car accident attorney near Glen Burnie right away. A car accident lawyer can negotiate a favorable settlement on your behalf. If the insurance company does not offer a reasonable settlement, your car accident lawyer can file a personal injury lawsuit for you. The accident attorney may help you recover compensation to cover your medical expenses, lost wages, loss of earning capacity, property damage, and other damages.

    For more information on bringing a claim against an insurance company, watch this brief video or consult car accident lawyers. This video explains the factors a lawyer might consider when evaluating your case, such as the severity of your injuries and the extent to which they impair your ability to support your family.

  • Answering Common Questions About Big Rig Accidents

    Collisions involving big rigs are more likely to lead to fatalities and serious injuries as compared to other types of vehicular accidents. If you’ve been injured in a truck accident or you’ve lost a loved one in a crash, you have the right to contact a personal injury attorney in Glen Burnie. Hiring a car accident lawyer can protect your legal rights. Car accident lawyers who have experience with big rig collisions can help victims secure compensation for their injuries, ongoing care needs, and other damages.

    Answering Common Questions About Big Rig Accidents in Severn, MD

    What Are the Common Causes of Truck Accidents?

    There are many possible causes of a big rig accident. Determining the causes and contributing factors will be essential in your case. Your car accident lawyer can use this evidence to prove liability and secure compensation on your behalf. A big rig accident may be caused by truck driver fatigue, drug or alcohol impairment, distracted driving, reckless or aggressive driving, and excessive speed. There may also be problems with the truck itself, such as defective brakes or improperly strapped-down loads.

    How Are Truck Accidents Different from Car Accidents?

    Truck accidents tend to be more serious than car accidents because of several factors. First, because of the significant size and weight of a big rig, it can inflict significant damage on a car and its occupants. Additionally, big rigs have poor maneuverability. They are unable to stop quickly, which increases the risk of rear-end collisions, and they are unable to swerve or make quick turns. Furthermore, drivers of big rigs have poor visibility. There are large blind zones to either side of the truck, as well as in front of and behind the truck.

    Who Can be Held Responsible for My Injuries?

    Your auto accident attorney will review your case to assess liability. The issue of liability is often less clear-cut in a truck accident case as compared to a car or motorcycle accident. Quite often, the truck driver is found to be at fault for falling asleep at the wheel or engaging in dangerous driving habits. However, your car accident attorney will also explore whether the leasing company may be held liable. Another defendant may be added to the lawsuit if the truck loaders did their jobs incorrectly. Sometimes, truck accident lawsuits are filed against the manufacturer of defective truck parts.

  • What Issues Should You Discuss with Your Divorce Attorney?

    What Issues Should You Discuss with Your Divorce Attorney? There are many matters to resolve during divorce proceedings. The primary issues often involve custody of minor children, support, and property division. Family court lawyers in Glen Burnie can help you evaluate these issues and advise you as to how family law may apply to your particular situation. Before you meet with divorce lawyers, write a list of your questions and concerns. You should also bring along any relevant documents the divorce lawyers will need, such as a copy of your prenuptial agreement and a list of your assets.

    Child Custody

    In most cases, Maryland parents are encouraged to try mediation . A successful outcome in mediation requires a commitment on behalf of both parties to work collaboratively for the best interests of the children. When you consult your divorce lawyer, you should discuss your goals for the child custody arrangement. In some cases in which child custody and visitation are contested, the judge may order a custody evaluation. You should talk with your divorce lawyer about how you can prepare for the evaluation and what you can expect.

    Child and Spousal Support

    Both parents are expected to provide for the children’s material needs. You may wish to talk to your divorce lawyer about how much child support you might expect to receive if you are the custodial parent or how much you might have to pay if you are the noncustodial parent. In the event that there is a significant change of circumstance after the original support order was established, you can consult your lawyer again to request a modification. Another issue to discuss with your attorney is spousal support. In Maryland, you can only request alimony before a divorce is finalized. The family court system in Maryland usually awards alimony for only a limited time.

    Asset and Liability Division

    Your divorce lawyers will need to review a list of your assets and liabilities. Be sure to tell the attorney if there is any particular property that is most important for you to maintain ownership of.

    Special Circumstances

    Depending on your situation, you may need to discuss other issues with your lawyer. Tell him or her if domestic violence, child abuse, substance abuse, or adultery were factors in the divorce.

  • Tips for Talking to Your Kids About Your Divorce

    When children are involved, divorce can be much more difficult. Before discussing the divorce with your kids, talk to your divorce lawyers and learn more about family law near Glen Burnie. It may be wise to establish the framework of a custody agreement , if possible, before telling the kids about the divorce. Children tend to worry about the unknown. If you can inform them of where they’ll be living and going to school, and that they’ll see the other parent regularly, they may be able to adjust to the situation more easily.

    For more child custody help, talk to your divorce lawyers and watch this brief video. It reminds parents that family law is geared toward protecting the children’s best interests. Even if the divorce is contentious, it’s important to never disparage the other parent in front of the kids. Remind your kids frequently that both parents love them and that the divorce is not the fault of the children.

  • Common Causes of Car Accidents

    Common Causes Of Car Accidents in Severn, MD In many cases, following the rules protects individuals from harm. Yet, even if you are careful to drive at an appropriate speed and obey all of the other rules of the road, you could still become the victim of a car accident due to the negligent or reckless actions of another driver. If this does happen, you can best protect your rights by consulting an auto accident lawyer near Severn. Contact a car accident lawyer before you file an insurance claim. He or she will need to know all the details of the incident, such as whether it was caused by the other driver’s impairment, recklessness, or distraction.

    Impaired Driving

    Drunk driving claims thousands of lives each year. Consuming alcohol affects a driver’s judgment and reaction time, among other problems. If your crash was caused by a drunk driver, your car accident lawyer can pursue a civil claim separately from any criminal charges that may be pending. The same applies to car crashes caused by drivers who were impaired by recreational drugs or even legal prescription drugs.

    Aggressive or Reckless Driving

    It’s important to practice mindfulness on the roads. Being aware of your proximity to other vehicles and the behaviors of other drivers can help keep you safe. Unfortunately, it isn’t always possible to avoid a collision with a driver who is using excessive speed, or who drives through a red light or stop sign. Tailgating, changing lanes in a dangerous manner, and failing to yield the right of way to other vehicles are other examples of aggressive driving. In these cases, car accident lawyers can use the police report to substantiate your insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit.

    Distracted Driving

    One of the most common causes of car wrecks is distracted driving. Drivers often underestimate the extent to which using their cellphones affects their ability to drive safely. The result can be serious injuries or even death. Car accident attorneys handle cases involving a wide range of distractions. In addition to cellphone use, drivers can become distracted by rubbernecking at crash sites, looking at a GPS or map, eating or drinking, and talking with passengers.