• What Do You Need To Do After an Auto Accident?

    Car Accident Attorney in Severn

    The aftermath of an auto accident is often confusing, if not downright chaotic. It can be very helpful to have an experienced car accident attorney on your side. A car accident lawyer near Severn can provide expert guidance with regard to your legal rights and options. You can also defer questions from your insurance company to your car wreck attorney.

    Immediately After the Crash

    Immediately after a car crash, protecting yourself and others from further harm is of the utmost importance. If possible, move the vehicle away from oncoming traffic and set out road flares. Then, call emergency responders and arrange for medical assistance. Your car accident attorney will also advise you to exchange information with the other driver, while being careful not to admit fault. You’ll need to exchange full names, contact information, driver’s license numbers, license plate numbers, and insurance information, in addition to the make, model, and year of the other vehicle. If you have a camera, take photos of the scene and the damage to the vehicles. When the police arrive, write down the officers’ names and badge numbers. After you file a police report, obtain the police report number. Then, call a car accident attorney, if you haven’t already done so.

    Over the Next Few Weeks

    The stress of a car wreck can follow you for weeks. Be sure to attend to your medical needs by following your doctor’s instructions and going to all follow-up appointments. Notify your insurance company that you were in a car crash as soon as possible and obtain an estimate for the damage to your vehicle. You should answer basic questions when speaking with your insurance representative; however, never make any statements that could be misconstrued as admitting blame for the crash.

    During Subsequent Months

    A car accident attorney can prevent the insurance company from dragging its heels with your reimbursement check. However, for many people, a check from the insurance company simply isn’t enough to cover the property damage and medical expenses. You might consider talking to your lawyer about filing a personal injury lawsuit to recover compensation.

  • What Are the Different Types of Custody Arrangements?

    Child Custody Lawyer in Severn, MD Maryland law provides for a complex series of child custody arrangements. It’s in your best interests to consult a child custody lawyer to discuss your goals for child custody and the options that might be best suited for your particular situation. A child custody lawyer near Severn can also advise you as to the factors the judge will consider when awarding child custody.

    Temporary Custody

    Your child custody lawyer may recommend that you file a request for temporary custody at the same time as your divorce paperwork. If a judge awards you temporary custody based on the best interests of the child, it means that the child will reside with you while a long-term child custody arrangement is being determined. Being awarded temporary custody does not automatically mean that you will be awarded sole custody later on.

    Sole Custody

    When you meet with your attorney to discuss divorce and child custody, let him or her know if you plan to pursue sole custody. The court may award you sole physical custody of your child if you can prove that it’s in your child’s best interests because your soon-to-be ex-spouse may be an unfit parent. You could also be awarded sole legal custody, which means that you will be solely responsible for making important decisions for your child’s upbringing.

    Joint Legal Custody

    If you and your ex-spouse are awarded joint legal custody, it means that the two of you will share the responsibility of decision-making. This responsibility includes making plans regarding the child’s religious upbringing, education, medical care, and other important matters.

    Shared Physical Custody

    If the judge establishes a shared physical custody arrangement, it means that the child will spend at least 35 percent of his or her time with both parents. The child may primarily live with one parent; however, the other parent will have access to a balanced schedule of child visitation.

    Split Custody

    In some cases, a judge may grant split custody when there is more than one child involved in a custody arrangement. Depending on the children’s ages and their preferences, the judge may determine that it’s in the best interests of the children for one of them to live with one parent and the other with the other parent.

  • Attorney Spotlight: William C. Trevillian, Sr.

    Attorney Spotlight: William C. Trevillian, Sr. The Law Offices of William C. Trevillian is a family operated law firm that has been dedicated to serving the best interests of area residents for years. For more than 25 years, individuals throughout Maryland have placed their trust in William C. Trevillian, Sr., a family attorney who has been proud to represent thousands of clients over the course of his distinguished career. Mr. Trevillian began his career as a family attorney after he graduated from the University of Baltimore School of Law, where he was honored to be the valedictorian of his class. Since that time, he has remained dedicated to serving the needs of his community. This family law attorney has served as a member of the Board of License Commissioners for Anne Arundel County.

    Whether you’re in need of a car accident attorney near Severn or a lawyer who specializes in elder law, you can turn to William C. Trevillian, Sr. Mr. Trevillian has proven his versatility over the years, specializing in areas of the law such as child support, adoption, divorce, custody, and other matters pertaining to family law. He also provides legal consultations to corporations, handles medical malpractice claims, and advises workers’ compensation claimants.

  • How to Handle Yourself After a Car Accident [INFOGRAPHIC]

    Car accidents can happen at any time, even if you consider yourself a very careful driver. There are many variables that can lead to a collision, including weather, road conditions, and negligence from other drivers. If you are involved in a car accident, it’s important to know how to behave afterwards. Move your car from the road if you can do so without causing more damage. Be polite to the other driver, but never apologize or admit any fault for the collision. Be sure to contact your car accident attorney near Severn before you give any kind of statement to the other driver’s insurance company. Take a look at this infographic from a car accident lawyer to learn what else you should do immediately following a wreck. Please share with your friends and family, and stay safe on the road.

    How to Handle Yourself After a Car Accident in Severn, MD